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Are the Healthy Challenges On Instagram a Real Motivation?

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Who has not been tempted to start one of these healthy challenges on Instagram and post every advance, every achievement and finally having accomplished the mission? Detox juices, exercises, diets, everything to have a healthy lifestyle in a given time.

What really counts is to achieve a lifestyle change and post the photo that shows that you follow the recommendations and that you have reached the goal. 

Motivation 3.0 has no limits. Instagram has become a place of observation and consultation; Fitness and healthy lifestyle gurus develop a variety of challenges in order to motivate and teach their followers routines with which they can achieve the lifestyle change they crave. 

The recommendations vary, from the menu with which you have to feed yourself, the exercises that you must carry out even the meditation that you have to do. But, optimism is the main ingredient of these challenges.

Online coaches must find a way to get your message across, transmitting confidence, security and the certainty that if you comply with their recommendations, you will achieve this goal.

Motivation is the key

Publishing the photos generates a socially contagious effect, which according to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), induces others to take good nutrition and adopt healthy lifestyles, incorporating constant activity as part of daily habits.   

Challenges to exercise with your baby or your dog, vegan or protein-based food; there is something for everyone, just look for the one that best suits your needs and find the internal motivation to comply with discipline. 

To get in shape is very importan to find the inspiration to do it and the coaches know it.  Are you already motivated? You can follow the Instagram accounts of Tracy Anderson, personal trainer of famous Hollywood stars;


Mariam Hernandez, expert in running and; Amanda Bisk, an exotic dancer turned trainer; Hanna Bronfman, an enthusiastic girl of fitness and healthy food and Jen Selter, the second most famous person in the network for her buttocks. In all these accounts you can find the inspiration you need.   

Having a healthy life is the goal of many, achieving it is only for those who propose it.

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