Rush-Day: Get Styled Under 5 Minutes

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 It’s ok. We’ve all been there and throughout experience get to find a few tricks that would help you we ready in 5 minutes or less. Here’s the magic:After all the preparation the night before and feeling more than ready to tackle the day full throttle, sometimes your alarm clock just doesn’t feel like cooperate and nod-off making you late like nobody’s business. Not cool, alarm, not cool.

- Say thank you for your night routine

Even if you oversleep, you night routine can actually save you a lot of time. Put on that outfit you picked the night before and don’t give it another thought.

- What if I don’t have a night routine?

It’s ok! Remember this before picking an outfit on a hurry: black leggings, basic shirt and boots can save your life. If you have a meeting, go for the same basics and a blazer or coat: a big statement piece can make a whole outfit almost on its own.

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- Makeup who?

If you dread leaving your house as a blank canvas, take just a few seconds to do the basic on your skin: moisturizer is a must, a bit concealer and lip balm. If the clock it’s not horrible just yet, mascara can take 10 seconds.

- What about hair?

Say hello to your new savior: dry shampoo. But be careful and don’t abuse of this! You don’t want to go outside with your hair looking like it’s been snowing.

- Bag and accessories?

You’re in a hurry and with no time to spare deciding almost nothing, so don’t spend the little time you have in little thing. If you went for the statement piece, maybe you favorite ring, a watch and a black purse can be enough. 

- Make time for breakfast

Even if there’s no time. Fruit and granola with yogurt can be a helper. Just don’t leave your house with an empty stomach. The stress of the rush of the morning is more than enough pain on your body. Remember: even when you think you can’t, there’s always a way to self love.

- Don’t overthink your choices

Doubt can consume you when you lack of time, so don’t with it the time of the day. Be confident about your outfit choices and remember that a bit of self love can go a long way in you appearance (even without makeup).

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