Our Story

I had a flash of inspiration and created ActiveFit for this lifestyle, our lifestyle, active mothers and working women, we have little to no time to spare and neglecting our style cannot be compromised, creating something that makes sense of our life as it is, our always on the go pace, I developed a Versatile and Chic Clothing line that you could wear all day and still look fantastic!

ActiveFit was designed to make you feel Comfortable and Trendy with the most sophisticated designs and top of the line high performance fabrics and designer elements such as crisscrossing straps, prints and mesh inserts.

We believe in empowered women who can change the world, conquer and succeed. A real woman that defines herself as independent, confident and searching for a perfect life-work balance to reach success.

ActiveFit was founded by active women like you, with Real modern multitasking demands, shopping, picking up the kids at school, all the daily errands and demands with almost nonexistent time to spare! We want to inspire you and we want to be inspired by you!

ActiveFit Fits you! Inspired by us women and our life style, all active and empowered, ActiveFit Athleisure brand will make you look amazing while you work out or conquer the day. Wear them with sneakers, wear them with flats, slip-ons, create your own style ActiveFit Versatile designs will keep you feeling more confident and comfortable to run that extra mile. Collections are designed to give you a sophisticated look without compromising high-performance sports fabrics.


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